Walking through the streets around the main train station in Düsseldorf, the post World War II architecture imposes a sense of disorientation upon its visitor. Unlike the centre of the city where exhibitions of glossy vitrines and overcrowded boutiques display brands, identities and images, the neighbourhoods clustered around the station are blatantly about something other than the maintenance of appearances. Behind the bland exteriors that have nothing to say to you as you pass by are homes, offices, embassies, brothels, mosques, playgrounds, and small businesses whose character is kept at a distance.

This audio tour takes the visitor on a walk to seven different locations in the neighbourhoods around the main station where, upon arrival, personal mobile devices can be used to listen to site specific conversations with people living or working around the corresponding location. Small business owner, homeless, Moroccan, German, Social worker or manager, the identities of these individuals merge through a re-recording of their stories using a single voice.

The square outside Immermannhof, a playground, the central Library, or the walkway towards the platform of Wehrhahn S station turn into temporary platforms for storytelling.